Bond Polyethylene, Polypropylene Plastics, Toys, HDPE or LDPE

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POLY-BONDER: Versatile, Tough, Memory. Bond Plastics such as: Polyethylene: (HDPE or LDPE - Tanks, Mouldings, Pipe, Water Toys), PolyPropylene: (Water Toys, Water Clothing, Pipes), PVC: (Pipe, Water Toys, Mouldings, Sinks, Tubs, Chairs, Umbrellas) ABS: (plumbing, drains) UHMW: (Trailer Slides) Vinyl (Upholstery, Tarps) Paintable, Sandable.
Currently available in a 30 gram manual dual syringe system that dispenses an equal amount of the product that then can be mixed for use.
COLOUR WHITE: Working time is 15-30 minutes, handling time 1-2 hours and cure time 24 hours.

  • Versatile...Bonds PE, HDPE, Starboard, PVC, ABS, Rubber, Glass, and more 
  • Tough...resilient grip
  • Mr. Sticky's® PolyBonder is a flexible, toughened, non-corrosive, structural adhesive specially designed for various applications and substrates, including bonding of Polyethylene, Polyproplyene, ABS, PVC, ceramics and cement.
  • Formulated for superior exterior performance, gap filling, impact and fatigue resistance.
  • It's toughness, imparted by flexibility, causes the energy required to break a bond to be significantly higher than brittle epoxies. Lap Shear Psi, plus high break-energy Psi afford bonds strength/resiliency. *Bond results to Polyethylene and Polypropylene after executing AAI?s flame-treating instructions.
  • Working time: 15-30 min. Handling time: 1-2 hours
  • Fully Cured: 24 hours - Cold temperatures slow cure time by a factor of two for each 15°F in drop, Warm temperatures speed cure time by a factor of two for each 15°F in drop, So, at 85°F the adhesive is twice as fast, at 100°F, 4 times as fast.
  • Simply cut the tips, dispense the adhesive's two parts by depressing the plunger, mix manually, apply to your project, fit cap after use.
  • 30 grams
  • Colour - White

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