BOND: Flexible Items and Resists Vibration. Also Gap Filling

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Mr. Sticky's VIBRA-BOND: Flexible and Resists Vibration, Gap Filling. Great for Marine Appliances (Knobs, Antenna Mounts, Enclosures), Tool Repair: (Handles, plastic shrouds, grips), Glass (Seal Windows, Hatches, Portholes) Equipment (Mounts on Engines, Engine compartment water systems). Canvas (Covers, Umbrellas, flexible windows). Paintable, Sandable.
Working time is 15-30 minutes, handling time 1-2 hours and cure time 24 hours. 

  • Vibra-Bond is a flexible, toughened, non-corrosive, structural adhesive specially designed for various applications and substrates, including bonding of plastics, metals, rubber, ceramics and cement. 
  • It has been formulated for superior exterior performance, gap filling, impact and fatigue resistance.
  • It?s toughness, imparted by flexibility, causes the energy required to break a bond to be significantly higher than brittle epoxies
  • Excellent bond resistance to vibration, shrinkage/expansion, bending and shock.
  • 30g
  • Colour - White


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