Bond Flexible and attached Flexible items to to solid items.

Mr Sticky's Tentacle Glue

Bond Flexible and attached Flexible items to to solid items.
Mr. Sticky's TENTACLE Glue:Exterior Non-Brittle Adhesive Great for Repairs; Umbrellas, RV: ( Tanks, Awnings & Roofs), Lawn Furniture: (Plastic, Wood or Metal), Gutters: (Copper, Aluminum, Steel or Plastic), Pipe: (Copper, Galvanized, Butyl or PVC), Mobile Homes: (Tentacle is a Huge Problem Solver used to bond PVC pipe fittings to Butyl pipe in Mobile homes), Garden: (Statues, Marble, Planters, Bird Feeders).
Currently available in a 30 gram manual dual syringe system that dispenses an equal amount of the product that then can be mixed for use

Flexible toughness lets joints flex with materials. Bonds fiberglass, cloth, rubber, leather, paper & glass. No-Clamp glue joints (hold with duct tape while curing).
Working time is 15-30 minutes, handling time 1-2 hours and cure time 24 hours.

  • All of our adhesives are available in the 30 gram dual-syringe system.
  • Simply cut the tips, dispense the adhesive's two parts by depressing the plunger, mix manually, apply to your project, fit cap after use.
  • This is our most economical package.
  • Colour White
  • 30g
(+ postage: £2.99)

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